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Monday, November 7, 2011

So I have this Amazing sister.. shes the best there is, and I love her to pieces.. Not only is she Beautiful, Smart, Supportive, shes VERY CREATIVE :) She makes bows and loves to spoil my Daughter with her creations... Layla just turned one.. and she probably has over 100 bows!

I needed something big, something cute, and something CHEAP!

The cork board I already had but I dont think their that expensive if you were to buy one.


I didn't have a staple gun so when I found this at a store called Tuesday Morning I snatched it up, It came with a box cutter that was equally cute <3 The best part? The set was only $4.99!!


I bought a yard of quilt batting at Joann's it was $5.99 a yard plus a 40% off coupon so it was alittle over $3.60 I think? Not bad at all


My favorite part.. Fabric :) This was super cheap, It was also from Joann's and was only $2.50 a yard!! how awesome is that?!


I just did the same thing with the batting and stapled the fabric over the batting.. I did fold the edges under to make it alittle more "clean" but the back still looked pretty intense with all the stapling..haha

And here is the finished product :)
I also attached a long piece of ribbon to hang it from the wall :)


and with some bows... These are even all of them.. !! I know.. its a bad addiction.. but a cute one <3


Hope you all have a good one :)

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Angela King said...

super cute idea! love all those bows. :)

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